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Hello Mistri Offers CCTV Repair Service in Delhi

The use of CCTV cameras is becoming more widespread. According to one estimate, there are surveillance cameras in the nation's major cities, like Delhi, and the number is predicted to continue rising. The increase makes sense because more and more people are using contemporary surveillance technologies to make their homes and workplaces more secure.

But just like any other electronic equipment, your security cameras could occasionally cease working or stop capturing images altogether. Furthermore, your surveillance system is useless if your security camera isn't functioning or if the image is constantly flickering on and off.But why not give it a shot yourself before hiring a qualified specialist to troubleshoot the issue? 

Typical Causes of CCTV Camera Failure

  • Issues with Power or Connection

Most often, a weak power supply is the cause of a malfunctioning CCTV camera. Your CCTV camera may be losing video signal because of a loose power cord. It's simple to solve this issue just make sure that all connections, including the power cord, are well fastened. And just tighten it if something is loose.


In case your security cameras are wireless, don't forget to examine the wifi connection. Occasionally, a poor wifi signal could be the cause of the absence of video signal. 

 The fix is to make sure there aren't any obstacles in the way of the security camera and your home router, and that they are situated reasonably close to one another. Nevertheless, if there is a wifi connection outage, wireless CCTV cameras might not be able to capture any footage.

 Additionally, if the malfunctioning camera is battery-operated, be careful to check if the battery is low or dead. Sometimes all you need to do to maintain your security camera operating properly is to change or recharge the battery.

  • Bad Cables and Wires

 If you have a wired CCTV surveillance system installed in your house or place of business, the problem may be with the wiring. 

Manually inspecting each and every inch of the connections and wires connecting your home security system is the only method to resolve this problem. Look out for any kind of degeneration on the wiring, such as bent cables. To get your surveillance system operating, you might need to repair any broken cabling with new connections.

  • Firmware Problems

The camera firmware may be the source of the issue if faulty wiring, power and network problems, or other factors are not the problem. The security of your house may be compromised by outdated firmware, which can occasionally cause video loss. Thus, you should upgrade the firmware on your security camera if you haven't already.

Get in touch with Hello Mistri for Delhi CCTV repair

The increased level of protection provided by CCTV cameras and storage devices is driving up demand for them. But if a surveillance system malfunctions for any number of reasons, it might leave your house or property exposed if it isn't remedied quickly.


With any luck, this post has provided you a general understanding of the most frequent causes for your CCTV camera's malfunctions. Use the preceding advice if you're having trouble solving this issue to get it fixed right away. An expert like us inspection of your surveillance system is a smart option, though, if you believe there is another reason for the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting our CCTV repair service is easy. Simply contact us through our website or call our helpline, and our customer support team will guide you through the process of scheduling a service visit.